Turkish Gulettes: Enjoyment on traditional crafts

The singular design of Turkey’s indigenous sea-going vessel, the gulette, blends practicality and tradition in a relaxed style that embodies the Blue Voyage.

Over the years gelettes have evolved from traditional fishing and cargo vessels into their present pğrofile of a broad beam and wide deck. Constructed mainly in the shipyards of Bodrum, Bozburun, Marmaris and İstanbul and along the Black Sea Coast, the boast are equipped with motors as well as fully functional rigging.  The number of passengers a gulette carries depends on the boat’s size although most of them accommodate between eight and twelve people. These vessels offer passengers separate accommodations and entertainment. Modern gulettes are comfortably equipped with all of the amenities of home and encourage an envitonment in which you are expected to do nothing  but enjoy yourself.

The closeness of the entourage on board promotes an atmosphere of the friendship and sharing relations between passengers and crew tend to be relaxed and casuel.

Travel agencies can arrange charters and fixed tours for a specific group or for you individually. Unlike cruises on large acean liners, on a gulette you can explore the secluded and offen deserted bays and coves of the coastline.