Saklıkent Canyon in Fethiye… A Marvel of Mother Nature


Especially for those visiting Turkey for the first time this country has so much to offer in terms of attractions worth seeing and a unique culture to experience, not to forget the hospitality one would hardly find elsewhere in the world.

Talking about attraction it is worth emphasizing that Turkey has an unparalleled number of historical sites thanks to 3 major empires that once ruled in this territory; That is The Roman Empire, Byzantium Empire and the almighty Ottoman Empire which left behind some invaluable pieces of historical artifacts, buildings etc.

However Turkey is also rich of fantastic scenery like one-of-a-kind Bosphorus strait linking two continents, namely Asia and Europe and worldwide known nature in north eastern Turkey, namely Macahel… It goes without saying there are so many more to attract interest of global visitors on a tour in this country.

Among these a very unique attraction welcomes thousands of visitors each year; That is SAKLIKENT gorge (meaning hidden city) in Fethiye region. This major tourist destination also known as SAKLIKENT CANYON and accepted to be a marvel of Mother Nature is located thirty-one miles outside Fethiye main city centre. Tall canyon walls that in some places stand at a staggering three hundred metres high flank the eighteen-kilometre trek and river, making it one of the deepest gorges in the world. Despite its beauty in winter, fast water rushing in from the Taurus mountain range floods the canyon making it a dangerous place to hike. It is important to know summer is the best time to view and explore its dramatic and majestic structure. –

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