Princess Islands – İstanbul.. Kınalıada

This island has an area of 11 hectares. It was called Porty in the past. Its highest point is Çınar Tepesi, Hristos Monastery, the Armenian Church, cisterns and the old quarries are worth seeing. Its mosque, built in a modern architectural style,attracts attention.

The facilities of the Water Sports Club, which also includes an Olympic pool, are important assets of the Island.

The district of Adalar also includes  Sesdefadası, which ahas a beautiful public beach, Kaşıkadası which is presently a private property; Tavşanadası and Sivriada which are rocky islands, and Yassıada on which military facilities are established.

Residents of the islands have been fishing and farming throughout history. Vineyards, fruit gardens and vegetable orchards made the islands a pharmaceutical warehouse.

Regular boat service since 1846 also increased the level of interest in the district.