Night Life in İstanbul


As vibrant as it is during the day, Istanbul is every bit as vivacious by night as well. Walking down İstiklal Avenue in the wee hours of the morning on a weekend, you will still hear joyous laughter and toasting coming from Nevizade Street  where clubs and bars are lined up chock-full of locals and foreigners -. If you are into the party scene, famaous DJs will be awaiting you at the most fashionable clubs on the shore of the Bosphorus; you can dance into the night as they spin under the lights of beautiful İstanbul.

With is numerous jazz and blues clubs, traditional Turkish entertainment, discotheques, lounges  and event spaces İstanbul lets you pick and choose your entertainment a different sort for each night.

Turkish people enjoy eating, drinking and dancing. On weekends you will see full bars and tea gardens with women and men of all ages enjoying their tea, coffee, beer or rakı.

Nights can be long and enjoyable in İstanbul. You just need to find the right place that matches your tastes. Here we will recommend some places where that you can visit at night in İstanbul.


Turkish Night Show

This show is prepared for tourists but brings to you what the Turjks themselves enjoy most in parties. It is a cultural event which will give you an idea of how Turks amuse themselves.