Marmaris .. The Prominent Holiday Resort on Turkish Aegean

MARMARIS NIGHTMarmaris is one of the most popular holiday resorts on the Mediterranean coast in Turkey, with a population of 28 000 which goes up to 250,000 during the peak season. It is a well established resort most people want to visit year after year once they get to know it. This is due to its magnificient sun (from May to October), beautiful sights, the night entertainment and much more.

Marmaris was a much more authentic place in the past whereas modern buildings (hotels and villas) outnumber the remains of the old fishing village of Marmaris, today.

Marmaris has a very crowded waterfront with yachts and gulets (traditional wooden boats) which take passengers on cruises along the coast.


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Marmaris is a heaven for sun and sea lovers during the day.. However at night it comes alive by all means and offers an unparallelled option of bars, clubs and restaurants.

Marmaris is certainly not one of the resorts with most sights, in Turkey. The centre of the town is more authentic compared to the outer quarters. Marmaris Castle is a must-see spot for instance especially for those seeking history.


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Like with many other coastal towns on the Turkish Mediterranean coast Marmaris possesses a natural port for yachting lovers and 3 marinas with about 1100 boats capacity. Marinas are good for a stroll provided you are not disturbed by the exaggerated look of yhe expensive yachts crowding the area.If swimming is your main concern you should better head over to neighbouring Icmeler, or take a yacht or boat trip to lovely little Cleopatra island: This spot is known to be given to Cleopatra as a wedding present by Mark Anthony… and the legend goes “Mark Anthony imported the fine white shell sand for her”.

For watersports lovers the resort offers numerous alternatives and at reasonable prices – pedaloes and banana boats, jet skis and paragliding all popular.

Among things to do and attra
ctions to see are;


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Restaurants in Marmaris are as varied as the spices and textures of Turkish cuisine. From the simple beachside bars serving freshly grilled seafood and plates of ‘mezes’, such as meatballs, stuffed vine leaves and cheeses with olives, to the ‘all-you-can-eat’ Chinese buffets, every taste (and budget) is well catered for.

The Dalyan Mud Baths are great fun. The mineral rich muds really give your skin a work out, and prepare it for a seriously deep tan

The Lycian Rock Tombs (all 36 of them) are actually elaborate funeral chambers carved directly into the hillsides and feature intricately chiselled facades resembling the finest Greek temples. They’re 2,400 years old

Ancient Caunos is adjacent to a stunning turtle-breeding beach. The endangered Caretta-Caretta turtles know how to choose a good beach! When you climb up the hills behind the town’s ruins you can enjoy the fabulous view from the acropolis over sea.

Paradise Island, to the south of Marmaris, and linked to the mainland by a causeway, offers pleasant jasmine and bougainvillea-scented walks, the remains of an ancient monastery and fine beaches. On the south of the island lies Aquarium Bay, a lovely spot, with deep aquamarine waters and a nice restaurant

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