Is winter a good time to visit Turkey country?

Turkey which ranked number 6 among most visited countries in the world in 2014 is still a tourism country with high profile despite adverse incident the country has gone through recently.  Because Turkey has it all; Beautiful sunny weather, blue flag beaches, a treasure of history, one of a kind cuisine and goes without saying friendly people which certainly paints a picture in our minds about what a lovely and worth spending time we could have in this country in the summer. Luckily however tourism in Turkey is not limited to summertime only. For those properly informed about the right destinations to visit and see there are so many attractions to enjoy in the winter as well.


As for the winter climate in Turkey, the weather varies depending on the region to visit. Coastal resorts on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts are not old but a little chilly in the evenings with temperature drops. January and February are rainy months, but the weather in the winter can be a little unpredictable. Snow appears from December to March but only in the northern parts of the country like Istanbul and also ski resorts and high altitude communities like Cappadocia.

The interesting point is however, seeing Turkey in the winter could have many advantages such as a trip at a lower price due to low season discounts and smaller crowds meaning one could go around in a much more relaxed and comfortable manner.

Knowing sun & sea tourism would not be an option in the winter in any case and depending on the weather and the kind of activity you would prefer we could name a few alternatives, in brief as follows:

Istanbul one of actual mega towns in the world is ready to offer so much to see to include historical spots as well as touristic sights. Activities such as paying a visit to the world wide popular Grand Bazaar are to remember as of priority, too. Then again a visitor has options of visiting nearby destinations such as Ağva, Polonezköy, Abant, Şile etc. For those who would like to go further to the east Cappadocia (fairy chimneys) and Pamukkale (travertens) are must-see places. Needless to say there are top of the list spots such as Ephesus, a worldwide known treasure of history from thousands of years ago and still so many more in the Antalya region.

As for winter sports facilities in Turkey, the authorities as well as the private sector have been attributing great importance to this area as well and Turkey with a naturally high terrain, forested peaks and mountain ranges has been waiting to be discovered by international skiers.

In fact Turkey offer a number of good quality ski resorts such as Davraz Ski Centre, Erciyes Ski Centre, Ilgaz Mountain Ski Resort, Kartalkaya Ski Resort, Kartepe Ski Centre, Palandoken Ski Centre, Saklikent Ski Resort, Sarikamis Ski Centre, Uludag Ski Resort which offer modern and comfortable facilities and are easily accessible by road or by Turkish Airlines as well as other low cost flights.

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