Seferihisar, a citta-slow on the Turkish Aegean

Seferihisar, a citta-slow on the Turkish Aegean

Sığacık Port (Seferihisar, Turkey) –

SEFERIHISAR is popular for its tangerines, its sun, rich geothermal and wind energy resources, as well as SUN & SEA HOLIDAY RESORTS.

The region has not experienced the negative unplanned urban development on the contrary to many places on the Aegean and Mediterranean shores, which makes it unique and untouched.

Seferihisar was rewarded the title CITTASLOW, derived from the Italian word Citta (city) and the English word Slow – meaning “calm city”.

Cittaslow covers a network of 20 countries and 134 members and the philosophy behind it is; slow food movement and preventing the elimination of local characteristics as well as maintaining the standards of locals and their life styles and the city texture from globalisation.

The municipality of Seferihisar has been undertaking several projects to maintain those standards. As for the sun& sea holiday resorts in the region AKARCA, Ürkmez, Sigacik are the most prominent spots where when can enjoy blue flag water and beautiful, fresh air.

AKARCA is a vicinity right by the sea, where one can find nice villas (summer houses mainly) for very reasonable prices. The region has a summer season of four months, easily. The weather does not get very cold in the winter.

SIGACIK on the other hand has been a small tourism spot (a small Marmaris maybe) with a nice and modern marina, an authentic fortress from the Ottoman time where locals still reside. Sığacık has the most popular open-air market of the Aegean region, in the fortress (which is a neighborhood now) on Sundays. (31.05.2013)