Bodrum.. World Wide Popular

BODRUM CASTLEBodrum has a very special place in many hearts. It has always been very popular among artists, writers and authors, for instance.

The first author known to live in Bodrum was Cevat Sakir Kabaağaçlı referred to as “the FISHERMAN OF HALICARNASSUS”.

Cevat Şakir was exiled to Bodrum due to his opinions contradicting the politics adopted by the state in Turkey at that time. The novels and stories he wrote about life at this place, attracted romantics such as himself to Bodrum and played a major role in the creation of the bohemian atmosphere one can enjoy in Bodrum today.

Any spot in or around Bodrum is not far from the sea. That is why you can sleep here at nights and can stroll along the beautiful paradise like coast during the day.

BODRUM_MAPThis region is ideal for water sports as the average daily temperature is 33 ° C and the average sea water temperature is 25 ° C in August.Amateur or experienced divers can rent or buy diving accessories in many diving centers in the region for prices less than elsewhere.

Bodrum region has been referred to as one of the best windsurfing locations in the world by several famous windsurfing magazines. You can benefit from many surfing facilities in the area. CLICK PICTURE FOR A BIGGER MAP

Surf schools and rental places are especially around GUMBET and BİTEZ. If you love speed and excitement of any kind, you can also enjoy water skiing, jet-skiing and para-skiing (parachute water-skiing) along this coast.

BODRUM MARINAShipyards in Bodrum have made this beautiful town one of the leading spots in yacht manufacturing in Turkey. Visitors have opportunities to find any kind of boats, canoes and luxury motor vehicles in this region.

One can go on daily boat cruises leaving for surrounding coastal villages for very economical fees. These activities accompanied by local captains and the boat crew are very enjoyable.. Tourists have the opportunity to swim at the most untouched shores on the route and eat in open air restaurants. Among most popular such spots is Karaada where warm springs from a rock on the shore, spill into a pond joining the sea.

bodrum-shoppingBodrum offers visitors an unparallelled entertainment and night life with many cafes and discos.

Bodrum market place is very typical Turkish. Every Sunday villagers from nearby spots exhibit their hand made products where they meet grear demand from locals and especially holiday makers.

For those who would prefer longer residence in Bodrum, places for rent are always available. For yachts stopping by all kinds of quality services are available at the KARAADA Marina wit a capacity of 450 boats