TURKEY HOLIDAY PARADISETurkey has been one of the most promising and developing countries in the global tourism sector recently. The country draws millions of foreigners to this most beautiful part of the Mediterranean and the Aegean. This site is to promote the holiday resorts and world wide known beaches of Turkey as well as to help establish a bridge of culture between people of our world.

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WHY TURKEY? Because Turkey is a holiday paradise for holiday makers from allover the world. Foreigners traveling in Turkey can figure out why Turkey is called “The Cradle of Civilization” ..  One of the very first residential spots on earth was a city at Çatalhöyük round 6.500 before Christ .. Since that time Turkey has been hosting an extremely rich history which has brought knowledge and culture to humanity. Hittites, Phrygians, Lycians, Persians, Ionians, Makedonyalilar, Romans, Byzantines, Selcuks, and Ottomans .. They have all contributed to the Turkish and world history.


WHY TURKEY?  Turkey, because tourists coming to Turkey enjoy the natural and cultural riches of this beautiful country and get value for their money. Turkey because this country provides state-of-the-art facilities and comfort for tourists but is at the same time very traditional. It has a history and culture of 25,000 years, as some of the greatest civilizations have settled down on this territory throughout history.

RECENT HISTORY AND ATATURK: Recent history of Turkey is very impressive as well; Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (father of the Turks) established the Republic of Turkey on October 29th, 1923 and undertook great economic progress and many modernization projects in the country. All this time his saying “Peace at home, Peace in the World” has been a motto for Turks and his followers.

 CLIMATE / WHEN TO VISIT: Turkey has a rather hot and dry summer in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. Coastal regions on the other hand have a mild climate in winter. Tourism activities in the country are usually in the summer. It would be wiser to visit the country during this period. The period between October and April when compared to other periods of the year is much less active.

You can see cold winters in Istanbul and the Cappadocia region, and even sometimes snow. Winter conditions in the eastern Anatolia region are less suitable for tourism. Due to difficulties in access conditions in winter may bring, there is useful to visit, type of Eastern Turkey.

WHAT TO BUY: Foreigners visiting Turkey can buy “Handwoven carpets, rugs, old books, Turkish delight, porcelain ware, textile goods, copper ware, gold and silver jewelry, meerschaum products” to take back to their country,

WHAT TO EAT: Turkish cuisine has a deserved a world reputation due to the unique rich tastes and wide variety of dishes foreigners can experience. It mainly consists of plenty of vegetables, sheep and lamb and beef and chicken in particular the rich tastes of Turkish cuisine, and plenty of vegetables and a reasonable degree by the end of the painful tadlarıyla world renowned reputation was deserved.

A Turkish specialty, vertically roasted turning meat (DONER KEBAB) is among number one dishes in Europe now. Some other popular dishes are kebabs and Turkish meatballs.

TO RECAP, you will find here information and pictures about Turkey, Holiday Resorts, Accommodation, Beaches, Tourist Sites, Food, Culture, Attractions. We hope you enjoy being with us and find the material on this site useful and worth reading.