resorts-son-161116-2This website is about Turkey country and published by a small team who are Turkish citizens living in this country for a long time.

Turkey has been quite a popular destination for many travelers in the last decade as it has much to offer its guest such as history, a different culture, sun & sea tourism and last but not least unparallelled hospitality.

In the past – a decade ago maybe – it did not have a good enough infrastructure for the tourism industry, that is enough accommodation capacity, good enough roads, sufficient airports and air transportation facilities and certainly qualified personnel to serve its guests. But today thankfully the country has worked out most of above issues to a great extent and consequently taken its place among the rising stars in the global tourism sector.

This site provides information about “holiday resorts” in Turkey mainly and is meant to be a guide for those planning to visit Turkey.

It publishes said information in many categories such as “cities, holiday resorts, attractions (historical places & natural sights), culture (food, entertainment and events), pictured / video galeries and news”.

We have also included a property (homes) category for those who would like to have an idea about types and prices of property available in Turkey as this country has met substantial demand from foreigners wishing to settle down over here, lately.

Moreover it is updated to cover recent developments and to provide fresh information to those visiting our pages.

We hope those visiting our site will enjoy their time here to come again and refer it to others. Your comments – if you should have any – about this website would be most valuable for us and contribute to our improvement.